x-sub 15sa
带dsp处理有源次低频音箱,1200w - 131db连续/135db峰值 spl

the popular x-pro range from fbt is expanding at prolight sound 2017, with the addition of the double 15-inch powered x-pro 215a, the passive x-pro 215 and a brand new subwoofer option in the shape of the xsub 15sa. designed, engineering and manufactured in italy, the new models join a series renowned for its ability to fit into every scenario, from the stage to fixed installations and boardrooms.

added to the range is the xsub 15sa, which joins the popular xsub 18sa as a deceptively compact but extremely powerful low end solution.

constructed out of 15mm birch plywood with a scratch and scuff resistant paint finish, the xsub 15sa has been built to accompany the x-pro and x-lite ranges, driving a remarkable 1200w for 131/135db spl, via a 380mm (15”) high excursion woofer with a 75 mm (3”) voice coil. achieving a frequency response of 42hz to 120hz, the subwoofer also boasts on-board digital signal processing with four factory presents, two eq settings and two low pass filters. operation is via an integrated control panel with stereo combo xlr/jack i/o, stereo xlr hp-filter outs, options for volume, eq  presets, phase reversal switch 0°-180°, and status led indicators. as flexible as it is powerful, the xsub 15sa can be pole-mounted via an integrated m20 top mount stand socket, while 80mm optional wheels are also available. two aluminum handles are included to aid portability.


▶    紧凑型带通箱体设计次低频扬声器,具有高声压级和冲击力

▶    380mm (15") 高偏移低频单元,75mm (3") 音圈

▶    频率响应为42hz - 120hz

▶    1200w rms,通过板载d类开关电源攻放驱动

▶    内置数字信号处理器,支持6个预设,2个均衡和2个低通滤波器分频点设置

▶    控制面板上有立体声卡侬/小三芯混合接口,立体声高通卡侬输出,音量控制,均衡预设,0-180°反向开关,led状态指示器

▶    15mm胶合板木质箱体,抗磨损喷漆处理

▶    顶部有m20扬声器支架孔,2个fbt专门设计的铝制把手

▶    配合x-lite和x-pro系列扬声器提供额外的低频扩展

型号 x-sub 15sa
型号配置 带dsp处理有源次低频音箱
内置功放最大功率,lf/hf 1200 w
频率响应(-6db) 42 hz - 120 hz
低频单元 1x15" - 3" 音圈
最大声压级 连续/峰值 131/135 db 半空间
覆盖角度 全指向
输入阻抗(ω) 22 kω
输入接口 xlr st with loop, xlr st out
电源要求 5 m
尺寸(whd) 455 x 586 x 570 mm
重量 30 kg
运输尺寸(whd) 555 x 686 x 670 mm
运输重量 35 kg